Drive Clean in The San Joaquin
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To be eligible for a voucher, do not disassemble your old device or install a new device before receiving a voucher from the District. Only refundable deposits are allowed prior to voucher approval and the amount must be clearly noted on the final invoice as ‘refundable’. All fields below are required unless otherwise indicated.

Have you ever applied for other Valley Air District grant programs?

Old Device Type (Select One) NOTE: Older gas burning devices and electric heating devices are ineligible for this program


Estimated Annual Wood or Pellet Usage of Old Device (Provide usage information for applicable device only)

Does the house have access to piped natural gas or propane?

New Device Type (Select One) NOTE: New electric heating devices are ineligible for this program

*New certified wood or pellet devices must be identified on the most current list of EPA Certified Wood Heaters at the time of purchase to be eligible for funding.
**Receive up to an additional $500 for installation costs on a gas device.

Applicants may visit any retailer participating in the Burn Cleaner program and are not required to choose a retailer at the time of application. If you are working with a retailer, please provide their information below. The District may contact the retailer you listed below regarding your application.

By submitting this application, I certify that I have read, understand and will adhere to the Burn Cleaner Program Voucher Guidelines and agree to all the following:

  • I understand that self-installation is not allowed and the installation of the new device must be conducted by the contracted retailer; a third-party contractor under the approval and supervision of the retailer; or by a certified technician that is pre-approved by the District.
  • I understand that submission of this voucher application does not guarantee incentive funding for the new device.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to verify that the new device is eligible under the program guidelines. New wood or pellet devices must be on the current list of EPA Certified Wood Heaters and new gas fireplaces must meet ANSI z21.88/CSA2.33.
  • I will be removing an operable old device or modifying an open hearth fireplace/wood burning firebox at the device address specified on this voucher application.
  • If applicable, I agree to surrender my old device to a licensed recycling/dismantling facility or to the participating retailer to dispose of at a licensed recycling/dismantling facility within 90 days of installation of the new device. If I undertake the responsibility of disposing my old device, I agree to submit a dated receipt and certification from the dismantler/recycler that my old device will be permanently destroyed.
  • I understand that if I install the new device in another location other than what was identified in the pre-installation photo(s) at the device address, I must first contact District staff to receive approval and I must still render the old device permanently inoperable if applicable.
  • I am not changing out a non-certified device in preparation for the sale or transfer of the house as a result of any District, state or federal rules. Such transaction would deem this application ineligible for funding per District Rule 4901 (
  • I understand that the selection of a Burn Cleaner retailer is completely my choice and the District does not endorse, or is not in partnership with any Burn Cleaner program retailers or installers and any such issues arising from the purchase or installation of the new device is between the applicant and the retailer or installer. The District will not be held liable for any circumstances or events that occur between the applicant and retailer or installer. Participating retailers are independent contractors; they are not officers, representatives, agents, servants, employees, partners, associates, etc. of the District.
  • I have not made any non-refundable payments towards the purchase of the new device or disassembled my old device, and will not install the new device until I have received an approved voucher from the District.
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