02/29/2016 Compliance Assistance Bulletin: Conservation Management Practice Plans (February 2016)

10/25/2012 Application to Make Changes to CMP Plan

12/14/2010 Approval of New Conservation Management Practices (CMPs)

9/13/2010 Ag Permitting Workshops

12/12/2007 Dairy Rule 4570 Compliance Checklist (Revised 2012)

04/18/2007 Dairy/Feedlot CMP Handbook
Dairy/Feedlot CMP Handbook


District Rule 4570 (CAF) has been adopted

Permit applications are due on December 15, 2006

Rule 4570 Application Forms


Rule 4570 - Confined Animal Facilities

Socioeconomic Analysis for Rule 4570


01/12/2006 CMP Program Report for 2005
CMP Program Report for 2005 (26 MB)

6/16/2005 Ag Engine Requirements Added to Rule 4702
Rule 4702 - Internal Combustion Engines
District Socioeconomic Analysis for Rule 4702
San Joaquin Valley Ag Coalition Socioeconomic Analysis for Rule 4702

2/17/2005 District Rule 4204 (Cotton Gins) has been Adopted
Rule 4204 - Cotton Gins
Socioeconomic Analysis for Rule 4204

06/07/2004 Poultry CMP Handbook
Poultry CMP Handbook

05/27/2004 Ag CMP Handbook
Ag CMP Handbook, prepared by the Agriculture Improving Resources (A.I.R.) Partners (22 MB)

05/26/2004 List of Conservation Management Practices
Click here to view the list

District Rule 4550
Rule 4550 - Convervation Management Practices
Socioeconomic Analysis for Rule 4550


05/20/2004 May & June Air Quality Workshops for Dairy Producers
Free "One-Stop" Help in Completing all Necessary Forms for Meeting July 1 Deadlines

05/07/2004 Agricultural Workshops
Flyer for Agriculture Air Quality Workshops

04/27/2004 Dairy BACT
Proposed Preliminary Draft BACT for New and Expanding Dairy Operations

02/11/2004 Tulare Ag Expo Presentation
Implementation of an Ag Air Quality Program

11/04/2003 Senate Select Committee Hearing on SB700
Socioeconomic and Cost Effectiveness Process

Contact Us
District staff is available and ready to work with applicants to determine if CMP plans or permits are required, and if necessary, to help fill out application forms.  Contact the following District Business Assistance offices below:

Northern Regional Office
4800 Enterprise Way
Modesto, CA  95356-8718

Phone: (209) 557-6446
FAX:    (209) 557-6475
Central Regional Office
1990 E Gettysburg Ave
Fresno, CA  93726-0244

Phone: (559) 230-5888
FAX:    (559) 230-6061
Southern Regional Office
34946 Flyover Court
Bakersfield, CA  93308

Phone: (661) 392-5500
FAX:    (661) 392-5585