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Application & PTO Management
  ADM 1030 Confidential Information Classification and Handling 09/26/17
  ADM 1065 Energy Conservation Policy 6/22/10
  ADM 1130 Providing Assistance to Facilities to Resolve Compliance Enforcement Action 9/2/19
  ADM 1205 Application Review Flow 8/26/19
  ADM 1215 In-House PTO Application Flow  11/2/92
  ADM 1220 Application Review Procedure for CAPP Projects  5/7/20
  ADM 1225 Expedited Processing for INSPECT Deficiencies  4/7/98
  ADM 1235 PTO Changes to Conform with New/Revised Rule  12/15/97
  ADM 1240 Determine Commencement of Construction  11/1/93
  ADM 1245 Reactivating Cancelled Permits  2/27/95
  ADM 1280 Procedures for Unconverted ATC Permits and Pending Applications Upon a Change in Ownership  3/23/06
  ADM 1330 Clarification of the Procedure for Due Dates that Fall on District Office  10/1/16
  ADM 1430 Billing for School Notice  10/17/10

Application Review

APR 1010  Application Review Format 7/17/23
  Preliminary Review Form 3/27/19
  APR 1015 ERC Evaluation Format  7/7/93
  APR 1020  Multiple Location Permits  8/28/01
  APR 1025  Permit Unit Determination  8/16/14
  APR 1035  Locking in Provisions of Permitting Policies at the Time Applications are Deemed Complete  4/29/04
  APR 1040 Flexibility in Equipment Descriptions in ATCs  3/14/04
  APR 1050 Expedited Processing of Applications to Change the Sequence of Implementation of Authorities to Construct  10/24/05 
  APR 1055 PSD Administrative Requirements Procedure 5/22/13
A. General
  APR 1110 Use of Revised Generally Accepted Emission Factors  4/29/04
  APR 1130 Increases in Maximum Daily Permitted Emissions of Less than 0.5 lb/day  1/14/15
APR 1140 Interim New Source Review Requirements for PM2.5 - RESCINDED  5/3/11
APR 1150 Implementation of Rule 2201 for SB288 Modifications and Federal Major Modifications  1/15/21
B. Exemptions
  APR 1205 Exempt Compounds - VOC Emissions  7/10/96
  APR 1210 Rule 2201 Requirements for Routine Replacement Emission Units and Rule 2020 Exemption for Identical Routine Replacements 8/23/19
  APR 1215 Functionally Identical Replacements – RESCINDED 3/9/16  3/19/16
  APR 1305 BACT Determinations  6/1/23
  APR 1350 BACT applicability for increases in annual utilization  9/30/11
D. Offsets
  APR 1420 NSR Calculations for Units with Specific Limiting Conditions  3/12/07
  APR 1425 Offsets for Transfer of Location  6/6/94
E. Daily Emissions Limitation (DEL)
  APR 1605 DEL Conditions  9/1/93
F. Compliance Assurance
  APR 1705 Source Testing Frequency  10/9/97
  APR 1710 Source Test Methods  10/9/97
  APR 1805 Definition of Shutdown  4/9/92
  APR 1810 Baseline Period  9/9/92
  APR 1820 Conditions Enforcing AER  9/7/94
  APR 1825 Adjusting AERs for ERCs with Proposed Control Measures  9/22/94
  APR 1835 ERC Transactions in a Single Application  6/25/97
  APR 1905 Risk Management Policy for Permitting New and Modified Sources  5/28/15
  APR 1906 Framework for Performing Health Risk Assessments 2/12/20
  APR 1920 District Policy: Policy for Modeling Intermittent Operating Units When Evaluating for CAAQS/NAAQS 9/6/11
  APR 1925 Policy for District Rule 2201 AAQA Modeling  3/10/19
  APR 1930 Area Source Emissions Inventory Methodology Format  4/14/14
  APR 1940 Policy for PSD Modeling District Rule 2410 Guidance for Determining Modeling Domain  7/25/14
  APR 1945 Policy for PSD Modeling District Rule 2410 Guidance for Intermitten Operating Units  6/25/14
  APR 1950 Policy for PSD Modeling District Rule 2410 Guidance for Identifying Sources to be Evaluated for Inclusion in a Cumulative Impact Assessment  6/25/14
  APR 1955 Policy for PSD Modeling District Rule 2410 Guidance for Selecting a Representative Monitoring Site(s)  6/25/14
  APR 1960 Policy for PSD Modeling District Rule 2410 Guidance for Identifying Sources to be Evaluated for Inclusion in an Increment Assessment  6/25/14
  APR 2005 District Policy: Addressing GHG Emission Impacts for Stationary Source Projects under CEQA When Serving as the Lead Agency 12/17/09
  APR 2015 Zero Equivalency Policy for Greenhouse Gases 3/24/10
  APR 2025 CEQA Determinations of Significance for Projects Subject to ARB's GHG Cap-and-Trade Regulation 6/25/14
  APR 2030 Project Ambient Air Quality Analysis Applicability Determination under CEQA 6/12/18
  APR 2035 General Conformity under the National Environmental Policy Act 4/12/21
District Rule 3170: Clean Air Act Fee
  APR 2105 Rule 3170 Clean Unit Determination Policy (Attachment: Clean Unit Determination BACT and Clean Unit Determination BACT for Ag) 9/19/2011

Source Specific

Almond Industry
  SSP 2105 Almond Hulling Permit Processing 8/22/02
  SSP 1005 Visible Emissions  9/16/98
Boilers/Steam Generators
  SSP 1105 Alternate Monitoring for Boilers  2/15/17
  SSP 1110 Load Following  4/28/08
  SSP 3005 Alternate Monitoring Scheme Policy for District Rule 4309  2/15/17
Bulk Plants
  SSP 1205 Bulk Plants  10/6/93
  SSP 1305 Motor Vehicle Coating  11/4/10
Confined Animal Facility Operations (CAFO)
  SSP 3100 Emission Units at Dairy and Heifer Ranch Facilities  5/4/15
Conservation Management Practices
  SSP 3010 Approval of New Conservation Management Practices (CMPs)  12/14/10
Construction and Aggregate Processing
  SSP 1405 Stationary Source Designation  8/23/17
  SSP 1605 Emission Factors  4/23/08
  SSP 1610 Aggregate Permit Processing  3/14/13
  SSP 1615 Temporary Supplemental Equipment for Aggregate, Hot Mix Asphalt, and Concrete Batch Plants  8/15/17
Cotton Gins
  SSP 1505 Permitting Cotton Gins  7/17/97
  SSP 1510 Actions Requiring Permits  4/17/97
Dormant Emission Units
  SSP 1705 DEU Permit Conditions - RESCINDED 7/27/11, see GEAR 28  7/27/11
  SSP 1805 Injection Timing  8/14/96
  SSP 1810 Alternate Monitoring 2/15/17 
  SSP 1820 Rule 4702 Applicability and Enforceability for IC Engines Powering Irrigation Pumps Used in Agricultural Operations 8/11/14
  SSP 1825 Rental Agricultural Irrigation Engines Permitting Policy 9/16/14
  SSP 1830 Ag IC Engine Certification Policy 9/14/22
  SSP 1835 Source Testing and Monitoring for Tier 4F Compliant Emergency IC Engines 02/06/23
  SSP 2210 Organic Liquid Storage Tanks - Cleaning Requirements  2/20/08
  SSP 2215 Organic Liquid Storage Tanks - Voluntary Inspection and Maintenance Program  7/1/20
Open Burning
  SSP 2005 Open Burn Emission Factors  4/15/02
Organic Wastes
  SSP 2050 Organic Waste Processing Operations Permitting Policy for In-House PTOs 9/9/09
Petroleum Industry
SSP 2015 Procedures for Quantifying Fugitive VOC Emissions at Petroleum and SOCMI Facilities


  SSP 2010 Operating Steam-Enhanced Wells During Repair or Maintenance - RESCINDED 5/26/15  4/15/02
Portable Equipment
  SSP 2150 Allowed Operation of Portable Registered Equipment at a Stationary Source  12/8/11