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Meetings are listed in chronological order.  Past Workshops and Hearings are listed separately.
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Workshops or meetings having this icon -  Webcast Info - will be webcast (broadcast via the internet) while in session.

Meeting Summaries

Description Dates


DRAFT 2015 PM2.5 Plan for the 1997 PM2.5 Standard

March 4 Webcast Info
Public Workshop on Proposed Amendments to District Fee Rules

February 17  
Permit Stakeholder Meeting

January 28  
Proposed Amendments to District Rule 4905 (Natural Gas-Fired, Fan-Type Residential Central Furnaces)

January 22  

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Meeting Details


DRAFT 2015 PM2.5 Plan for the 1997 PM2.5 Standard


The District will hold a public workshop to present and receive comments on the draft 2015 PM2.5 Plan for the 1997 PM2.5 Standard


Public Notice

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 PM2.5 Trends and Challenges in the San Joaquin Valley
Chapter 3 Health Impacts and the Health Risk Reduction Strategy
Chapter 4 Classification and Attainment
Chapter 5 Best Available Control Measures and Most Stringent Measures
Chapter 6 [reserved]
Chapter 7 Attainment Strategy
Appendix A Ambient PM2.5 Data Analysis
Appendix B Emission Inventory Tables
Appendix C BACM and MSM for Stationary and Area Sources
Appendix D [reserved]
Appendix E Incentive and Other Non-Regulatory Strategies

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In-Person: Fresno Governing Board Room
VTC: Modesto and Bakersfield offices
Webcast will be available


March 4 (Wednesday)
3:00 PM


Proposed Amendments to District Regulation III – Fees: District Rules 3010 (Permit Fee), 3020 (Permit Fee Schedules), 3030 (Hearing Board Fees), 3040 (Agricultural/Open Burning Fees), 3050 (Asbestos Removal Fees), 3060 (Emission Reduction Credit Banking Fee), 3070 (Other Charges), 3110 (Air Toxics Fees), 3120 (Regulation VIII Alternative Compliance Plan Review Fee), 3135 (Dust Control Plan Fee), 3140 (Fees for Certification of Air Permitting Professionals), 3147 (Fees for Certification of Gasoline Dispensing Facility Testers), 3150 (Fees for Portable Equipment Registration), 3155 (Permit-Exempt Equipment Registration Fees), 3160 (Prescribed Burning Fee), 3180 (Administrative Fees for Indirect Source Review (ISR)) and 3190 (Conservation Management Practices Plan Fee)


There will be a public workshop to present, discuss, and receive comments on the proposed amendments to the District’s Fee Rules.


Notice of Public Workshop
Final Draft Staff Report

Proposed Rule 3010 (Effective 7/1/15)
Proposed Rule 3010 (Effective 7/1/16)

Proposed Rule 3020 (Effective 7/1/15)
Proposed Rule 3020 (Effective 7/1/16)

Proposed Rule 3030 (Effective 7/1/15)
Proposed Rule 3030 (Effective 7/1/16)

Proposed Rule 3040

Proposed Rule 3050

Proposed Rule 3060 (Effective 7/1/15)
Proposed Rule 3060 (Effective 7/1/16)

Proposed Rule 3070 (Effective 7/1/15)
Proposed Rule 3070 (Effective 7/1/16)

Proposed Rule 3110 (Effective 7/1/15)
Proposed Rule 3110 (Effective 7/1/16)

Proposed Rule 3120 (Effective 7/1/15)
Proposed Rule 3120 (Effective 7/1/16)

Proposed Rule 3135 (Effective 7/1/15)
Proposed Rule 3135 (Effective 7/1/16)

Proposed Rule 3140 (Effective 7/1/15)
Proposed Rule 3140 (Effective 7/1/16)

Proposed Rule 3147 (Effective 7/1/15)
Proposed Rule 3147 (Effective 7/1/16)

Proposed Rule 3150 (Effective 7/1/15)
Proposed Rule 3150 (Effective 7/1/16)

Proposed Rule 3155 (Effective 7/1/15)
Proposed Rule 3155 (Effective 7/1/16)

Proposed Rule 3160 (Effective 7/1/15)
Proposed Rule 3160 (Effective 7/1/16)

Proposed Rule 3180 (Effective 7/1/15)
Proposed Rule 3180 (Effective 7/1/16)

Proposed Rule 3190 (Effective 7/1/15)
Proposed Rule 3190 (Effective 7/1/16)



In-Person: Fresno-VTC Room
VTC: Modesto and Bakersfield offices
Webcast will be available


February 17, 2015 (Tuesday)
2:00 PM


Permit Stakeholder Meeting


The Permit Stakeholder Meetings provide a public forum to discuss widely varying issues related to the District’s permitting and compliance programs.


Action Items


In-Person: Bakersfield VTC Room
VTC: Fresno and Modesto


January 28, 2015 (Wednesday)
1:30 PM


Proposed Amendments to District Rule 4905 (Natural Gas-Fired, Fan-Type Residential Central Furnaces)


A public hearing will be held to consider adopting proposed amendments to District Rule 4905 (Natural Gas-Fired, Fan-Type Residential Central Furnaces).


Notice of Public Hearing
Proposed Rule
Final Draft Staff Report
Appendix A Summary of Comments and Responses
Appendix B Emission Reduction Analysis
Appendix C Cost Effectiveness Analysis
Appendix D Socioeconomic Analysis
Appendix E Rule Consistency Analysis


In-Person: Fresno office Governing Board room
VTC: Modesto and Bakersfield Offices
Webcast will be available


January 22, 2015 (Thursday)
9:00 AM

Last Update: 02/27/15